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Every problem has a solution - Clean Sweep Financial assists with Credit Repair, Personal Loans, and Business Funding. Talk to a specialist and start your journey today.

How It Works

Proven System and Guaranteed Results
We’ll assess your credit situation, formulate a plan to help you achieve better credit stability, and offer education about the credit system so that you can continue to build a healthy credit score.

Credit Evaluation

Through our knowledge of the credit system, and the information you provide, we’ll perform a full credit assessment and calculate the best approach to help you better develop your credit score.

Proven System

We can remove Medical Bills, Foreclosures, Tax Liens, Student Loans, Judgments, Late Payments, Bankruptcies, Charge-Offs, Repossessions, Credit Card Debt, Inquiries and Collections.

Guaranteed Results

We understand the system. We can help you understand it too. Your case advisor will not only seek the best methods to improve your credit, but will also assist you with your understanding of the process.
3 major credit bureaus

Our Services

Credit Repair Made Easy
Credit Repair

►Free Consultation
►Free Audit Report
►90 Day Guarantee
►Credit Education

Business Funding
Business Credit

►Build Tradelines
►D&B Experts
►Funding Solutions
►Vendor Accounts

easy personal loans
Personal Loans

►$100 to $50k
►Simple Application
►Safe & Secure
►Fast Approval

business loans
Business Funding

►$50k to $500k
►680 Credit Score
►One Page App
►Same Day Approval

Credit Repair, How We Do It

Here's How We Improve You Credit

Our top priorities include helping you to improve your credit score and providing you with the support and knowledge suitable for maintaining a healthy score in the future. We’re devoted to helping our clients identify paths to better possibilities, which in today’s fast paced, complex world often means raising and/or maintaining individual credit scores.


"Your service is working for me! My credit reports are getting cleaned up. I can't believe it! Soon I'll be able to apply for credit with confidence!"

- J.T Kross

"Thank you very much! I now have great credit. Because of my starting situation it took some time, but we stayed after it and I am very happy with the results. Better than expected!"

- H Colton
"As I watch the negative entries fall off my credit bureau reports and I know Clean Sweep Financial is the reason. I made a smart choice going with you guys. Thank you so much for such a great job!"

- L. Powell

Fair Isaac Corporation holds the trademark for FICO in various countries including the United States. Clean Sweep Financial is not a legal service and cannot provide legal advice. If you are facing credit and/or debt problems, consulting an attorney is recommended, whether or not you use our services. Clean Sweep Financial cannot assure the permanent removal of verified tradelines, or commit to specific outcomes. Our clients must actively participate by providing necessary documents and information, including investigation reports, to achieve a healthy and accurate credit report. Results may differ based on individual circumstances.

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