DIY Credit Repair

Do It Yourself

Credit Repair

Take control of your credit profile with this easy step by step credit repair software. Our recommended cutting edge credit repair software will automate the dispute process, save you time and prevent costly mistakes. The Software offers an easy to navigate dashboard that will guide you through the dispute process, remove negative items and increase your credit score.

How to get started

1) Import your credit report: The software will walk you through how to get a copy of your credit report, import it into the software and identify the negative items that you can dispute.

2) Generate dispute letter automatically: You can choose which items you want to dispute and the software will automatable generate effective dispute letters. The software will use the law (FCRA) to help you successfully remove the negative items from your credit report.

3) Track your Progress: Once you send your first round of letters and receive a response the software will guide you on your next step and walk you through multiple rounds of the dispute process until the negative items are removed.


Get the easy to use software that will automate your credit repair. The software includes Educational Material, Dispute Letter Templates, and Step By Step Guidance.

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