3 Step To Starting a Buisness

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3 Steps To Starting a Business

Clean Sweep Financial's quick 3 step business startup plan. Explore the best way to start a business with our 3 step business startup guide. Here is a quick breakdown of the first 3 steps to starting a business.
  1. A Product or Service
     a. Are you Building a better mousetrap?
     b. Are you Providing Five Star Service?

  2. Have a Market
      a. Do people need it or want your product or service? Are they willing to pay you for
      b. Is there a demand for your product or service?

  3. Business Funding
      a. Start-up capital. You will need money to get started, remember to budget for everything your product or service will require. Things like business license and insurance can often be overlooked.
      b. Have a little xtra money saved, It will take time before your new business starts turning a profit


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